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The Benefits Of Using Automotive Servicing

The company known as Autocare that offers a variety of automotive servicing options was purchased by Gregor and Stephen Clarke in September 1996 originally known as the nationwide service centre. They decided to move away from this franchise in the year 2001 and changed the name of the company to AutoCare Service Centre.

They started off with themselves and two technicians until such stage that they found they were spending most of their time working on the different cars and not giving the attention needed to their customers. Today this automotive servicing business has maintained their 2 original team members and has gone onto hire an additional 6 technicians.

The Workshop Facilities

Now housed in extremely modern premises, Autocare boasts an extremely comprehensive and up-to-date workshop in the area of Whangarei. This workshop features hoists and fully-fitted bays which translate into working on vehicles in a safer and easier way. The qualified technicians all have the necessary experience and training to operate the hi-tech equipment to ensure all vehicles that come in for automotive servicing leave in tip-top condition.

Car Servicing

Any vehicle will benefit from a regular service, no matter the type, age and how the vehicle is used. AutoCare provides various servicing options on diesel and petrol vehicles. The types of automotive servicing options include some of the following:

Warrant Of Fitness

The Warrant Of Fitness, better known as WOF is a requirement at least every 6 months on vehicles that are older than 6 years and at least every 12 months on newer vehicles.

Steering, Shocks And Suspension

Suspension is a very important element in a vehicle and is what ensures the tyres make contact with the surface of the road as well as eliminating road shock.

Clutch Service

This part of the service is carried out by checking on the adjustment of the clutch cable and making adjustments when necessary. This service also includes checking the hydraulic system.


The air-conditioning system in a car requires servicing every 24 months and on average an air-conditioning system loses around 10 to 15% every year of the refrigerant gas.

Mufflers And Exhaust

When the exhaust system in a car is clean it is a tell tale sign that the vehicle is a good running condition. If the exhaust system appears dirty or loud it is best left to the professionals at AutoCare.

The Brakes

When the brakes on a vehicle start to squeal or pull the car to the side or cause the steering wheel to shake, it is time to have them replaced.


The timing belt or cambelt can be found to the side or front of the engine under a plastic cover. These belts have been created to decrease friction as well as generate a lot more horse power when compared to the older components known as the timing chain.

Radiator Flush And Radiator Repairs

Another important automotive servicing option available at AutoCare is to conduct radiator repairs. The radiator is an extremely important component in regards to the engine and should be able to maintain the right operating temperatures.