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How You Can Find The Best Emergency Plumber Auckland Quickly

Posted by on Apr 22, 2017 in Auckland | Comments Off on How You Can Find The Best Emergency Plumber Auckland Quickly

It is very important to do your research in advance prior to needing an emergency plumber. If you are in Auckland, there are many businesses that offer this service regularly. You will need to evaluate each of the companies that will provide you with emergency plumbing services. All of this information is freely available on the web. Another choice that you have is simply calling the best plumber in the industry and that is Ross’s Plumbing. You will be able to contact them when you have an emergency and fully expect them to help you in the shortest period of time. Here are the reasons why you should use this emergency plumber Auckland service.

Why Ross’s Plumbing Should Be Your Top Choice

One of the reasons that Ross’s Plumbing is one of the most popular choices for emergency plumbing services is that they do excellent work. They are not only fast but very reliable, employing only those that are fully certified in the field of plumbing. Emergency plumber Auckland companies that are this reliable are actually very hard to find. They will not have the experience that this company has, nor will they be able to arrive as fast as the workers that are part of this business.

Do They Offer Additional Services?

If you don’t have an emergency, they are still a very good choice when it comes to repairing plumbing issues. You could have a broken water pipe, or a clogged toilet, and they will be able to resolve any and all other issues fast. You may need to have a hot water cylinder replaced, or you may have a new home that needs to have all of the pipes put in. These are things that the employees of Ross’s Plumbing will be able to do for you, and will do so for a very affordable price.

Renovations And Property Maintenance Services

They do also offer renovation services. You may be working on your bathroom or kitchen. They can help with any of the plumbing issues that are associated with these rooms, and they also can help you with any rentals that you own. It is very important to have access to a plumber that can be on call for not just your home, but the properties that you own. This business has a reputation for doing all of this, and providing excellent services for reasonable prices.

If you do need to find an emergency plumber Auckland company that can help you, this is the business that you should contact. They have been providing services in Auckland for many years, and they will always be able to resolve your plumbing issues. If you have not been to this emergency plumber Auckland website before, you should see what other services they offer. At the very least, write down the number for this company so whenever you have an emergency, you can call them so they can help you out.

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The Benefits Of Using Automotive Servicing

Posted by on Apr 15, 2017 in Whangarei | Comments Off on The Benefits Of Using Automotive Servicing

The company known as Autocare that offers a variety of automotive servicing options was purchased by Gregor and Stephen Clarke in September 1996 originally known as the nationwide service centre. They decided to move away from this franchise in the year 2001 and changed the name of the company to AutoCare Service Centre.

They started off with themselves and two technicians until such stage that they found they were spending most of their time working on the different cars and not giving the attention needed to their customers. Today this automotive servicing business has maintained their 2 original team members and has gone onto hire an additional 6 technicians.

The Workshop Facilities

Now housed in extremely modern premises, Autocare boasts an extremely comprehensive and up-to-date workshop in the area of Whangarei. This workshop features hoists and fully-fitted bays which translate into working on vehicles in a safer and easier way. The qualified technicians all have the necessary experience and training to operate the hi-tech equipment to ensure all vehicles that come in for automotive servicing leave in tip-top condition.

Car Servicing

Any vehicle will benefit from a regular service, no matter the type, age and how the vehicle is used. AutoCare provides various servicing options on diesel and petrol vehicles. The types of automotive servicing options include some of the following:

Warrant Of Fitness

The Warrant Of Fitness, better known as WOF is a requirement at least every 6 months on vehicles that are older than 6 years and at least every 12 months on newer vehicles.

Steering, Shocks And Suspension

Suspension is a very important element in a vehicle and is what ensures the tyres make contact with the surface of the road as well as eliminating road shock.

Clutch Service

This part of the service is carried out by checking on the adjustment of the clutch cable and making adjustments when necessary. This service also includes checking the hydraulic system.


The air-conditioning system in a car requires servicing every 24 months and on average an air-conditioning system loses around 10 to 15% every year of the refrigerant gas.

Mufflers And Exhaust

When the exhaust system in a car is clean it is a tell tale sign that the vehicle is a good running condition. If the exhaust system appears dirty or loud it is best left to the professionals at AutoCare.

The Brakes

When the brakes on a vehicle start to squeal or pull the car to the side or cause the steering wheel to shake, it is time to have them replaced.


The timing belt or cambelt can be found to the side or front of the engine under a plastic cover. These belts have been created to decrease friction as well as generate a lot more horse power when compared to the older components known as the timing chain.

Radiator Flush And Radiator Repairs

Another important automotive servicing option available at AutoCare is to conduct radiator repairs. The radiator is an extremely important component in regards to the engine and should be able to maintain the right operating temperatures.

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The ten best drones money can buy in 2017

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Auckland | Comments Off on The ten best drones money can buy in 2017

A lot of people bristle in the mention of the word “drones for sale nz“, thinking immediately of the contentious unmanned aerial vehicles utilized by militaries .

But drones came quite a distance within recent years. Businesses continue to come out with consumer variations that are resourceful without being an associate of the armed forces you can possess.

We have a look in the 10 coolest drones you can find.

1. Parrot AR drone 2.0 – $340
The Parrot AR is the most used drone on the customer marketplace. It’s a built in camera effective at recording WiFi abilities, and 720HD video. Now taking a 1500mAh high-density battery it could soar through the skies for around 20 minutes.

2. DJI Phantom GPS Drone – $800
This machine that is hand-held has flight coverage that is excellent – 300 metres can be covered by it using the aid of radio frequency. The built in camera can get high shots that are powered from a space that is great. This drone uses GPS technology if autopilot is turned on, to go back to last flown site.
3. UAV Micro Chopper $5,700
This UAV is also called Skybotix coax sovereign. It will deliver up to 37 Mbps using assistance from WiFi and is very modern. It is among the more pricey consumer drones.

4. H-King Darkwing $190
This can be designed especially for first person screening (FPV). It’s lightweight while offering substantial payload capacity for mounting accessories (radios, cameras, etc.) thanks to its drawn-out 1,727mm wingspan.

5. Turbo Ace X830-D Drone RTF $1,300
This machine comes programmed and completely assembled. It’s very good for videographers and photographers as it could support more substantial video cameras and lenses. In addition, it boasts the industry’s longest flight time: between 23-30 minutes.

6. Station Predator/Reaper-Design UAV Airplane $400
This drone is styled following the US military’s Predator drone, except with a 1.5 metre wingspan.
7. Aibotix Aibot X6 UAV $34,000
This drone includes many attributes, including a strong camera to shoot scenes from an excellent space. It’s automatic takeoff and landing, crash security, cameras and mics. But it comes in a price, and is generally allowed for professional filmmakers.

8. Walkera QR Infra X Smart Drone $150
Small enough to fit in the palm of your own hand, this can be the planet ‘s first drone with CAS (Crash Avoidance System) and comes equipped with 10 collision detectors to keep the device from crashing into people, things, and walls. Putting a hand in the atmosphere while near it will send the Walkera Infra X flying in the other way. The Ultrasonic Elevation Detectors permit it to climb stairs up and correct height for every single step.
9. Trimble Portal $45,500
It is pricey but can fly for up to 45 minutes. It’s the anti- property surveying choices, a crash security system, automatic cameras, mics and wreck tools.

See Trimble for more info

10. THUNDERSTORM Drone FF Flying Stage $400
The THUNDERSTORM has a mount in the middle and four rotors. Without undermining stability and video quality, it’s constructed to record airborne footage for up to seven minutes. The THUNDERSTORM can stay put for up to 10 seconds, while white and red LED lights help users see it when the sun goes down when the wind’s not blowing.


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Why You Should Get Roof And Spouting Services From Ross’s Plumbing

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Auckland | Comments Off on Why You Should Get Roof And Spouting Services From Ross’s Plumbing

Would you like to speak with a professional that understands how to do roof and spouting repairs and installations. It’s always good to have a roof and guttering system that is going to protect your home from water damage that can occur. A company by the name of Ross’s Plumbing will be able to help you with this. It is a business that is able to provide some of the best roofing services in Auckland. Here is an overview of what you can expect from this reputable company, and how you can contact them to take advantage of their excellent deals on their roof and spouting services.

Reasons To Use Ross’s Plumbing

This company has been around for several years, providing quality roofing services. It is also a business that can do plumbing, and handle any drainage and gas issues that you may have. They are capable of helping with bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovations and work with many of the property management teams in Auckland. They are known for not only the excellent work that they do, but the prices that they charge for their services. By getting an estimate today, you can find out how much it will cost for you to use this business which so many people in Auckland recommend.

Other Services That They Provide

Ross’s Plumbing is a business that people choose when they are looking for someone that can handle both residential and commercial properties. If you have any plumbing problems, they can definitely help you out with new installations and repairs. If you have a hot water cylinder that needs to be replaced, they can do so, providing you with the lowest possible cost on a replacement. Even if it is something as simple as a blocked toilet, they will be out to help you right away.

Roof And Spouting Services

This company understands how important it is to have a roof that is not going to leak. They can find and repair leaks in your roof that you may have, regardless of the type of roofing material that is currently on your home. They can also provide re securing services for roofs, replace broken tiles, and if you have an iron roof, they can also help you with this as well. They understand how important it is to fix repairs quickly, and if the water has come all of the way through and is responsible for creating dry rot, they can repair these problems right away using their team of professionals that is skilled at not only providing plumbing installations and repairs, but also roof and spouting services.

Now that you know a little bit more about this Auckland based company that can handle any roof or spouting issue that you may currently be dealing with, you should contact Ross’s Plumbing right away. This is a business that you should trust for any commercial or residential property that you have that is currently in need of a roofing installation, guttering installation, or any repairs that you may need. They should be able to come out to your location in a short period of time and provide you with an estimate. You will clearly see that this is the company that you should work with based upon the prices that they charge and their reputation.

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Christchurch Roofing One Stop Specialists

Posted by on May 15, 2016 in Christchurch | Comments Off on Christchurch Roofing One Stop Specialists

The process of getting a new roof whether it is for a home or a commercial building is not always easy. There are many things to think about, and most people are concerned with the price of the new roof as well as the style.

When it comes to getting help finding the best new Christchurch roofing services, though,  that process is easy. Just call on Advanced Roofing for help. The family-owned Christchurch company is there to help you and serve you with quality workmanship and great products that are sure to increase the investment you have made in your property.

While it can be easy enough to decide on the type of roof you want to install, it can be a challenge when it comes to hiring the right people to do the installation. Typically, it is easy to replace an existing metal roof, for example, with another metal roof. But, when the time comes to figure out which Christchurch roofing company to hire, that can pose another problem.

That problem goes away when you look to the licensed roofing experts at Advanced Roofing. They have served the area for years and can offer you fast, courteous service. If you are having trouble figuring out which new roof to buy, they are there to help with that process as well.

They have a wide range of colors and patterns for you to choose from. You are sure to find a complementary roof for your home’s style or your business’s industry. You are also sure to enjoy another 30 years of use from it.

With Advanced Roofing’s 5-year warranty on workmanship, you can get even more assurance when you have them do the work of your Christchurch roofing replacement. They also install spouts, gutters, downpipes and fascias.

If you need a roof repair, contact Advanced Roofing the Christchurch roofing experts that give you all-around one-stop service. You can buy and install a new roof with their help, or you can replace an existing roof with their help or you can have your roof repaired by them. These Licensed Building Practitioners can even provide your home or business with lightweight, steel roofing that helps a structure remain intact during an earthquake.

Investing in a new roof can add more value to your home or business. Contact the quality roofing experts in Christchurch now. You can phone them or reach out to them online for more information and also get a no-obligation quote. You will see just how affordable making that investment in your home or business can be, and the service you will receive is sure to be an added bonus.

In the future, you will always want to call on them to fix any part of your roof that becomes damaged after a storm. They are also able to do insurance work. Ask them about their maintenance programs, too. You will get prompt, friendly service each and every time you deal with these one-stop roofing experts.

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Auckland Property Valuation Help Is Good To Utilize

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Auckland | Comments Off on Auckland Property Valuation Help Is Good To Utilize

If you want to get Auckland property valuation assistance, you can use these tips to help. You’re going to learn here why you should get a property valued by a professional service. Then you’ll know why you should hire a company like MyValocity to help you learn what the value of a property is!

When you want to sell a home, you have to know what it’s worth. An Auckland property valuation service is the best way to go, because they are going to be able to tell you whether or not you’re charging the right price. Make sure you add just a little on top of your price That way, if someone wants to negotiate with you, it looks like you’re giving them a better deal even though it’s what you originally would have wanted to take.

Buying a home is another time when you’d want to use an Auckland property valuation service like MyValocity offers. The reason is that you may be told by a seller the wrong price because they may be trying to charge you far too much. They may also be honest, but don’t know what their property is worth now because the last time they got a good price on it was a few years back. You have to get a price on property at least once a year and if their last estimates are that old you could be paying too much.

Hire the valuation service yourself, because you want to be sure that they have no interest in the property that could lead them to agree with the buyer or seller because of that. Before you decide on what the home is worth or any other kind of property, make sure that you get a second opinion or look into the price yourself if you know how to work around the real estate market. If you don’t want to bother with researching everything yourself, you can just hire the pros at MyValocity to get a fair valuation done any time.

Valuations are going to give you a good idea of what you should be selling or buying for, and you can pair them with regular inspections. When you know how well the systems in a building are working, you can actually add value to the property. If there are problems, the valuation may go down because nobody is going to want to move into a place that has a lot of issues associated with it. It pays to be cautious when you work with any kind of real estate just so that you don’t end up wasting money whether you’re buying or selling.

When you’re able to work with an Auckland property valuation service like the one MyValocity offers, you will be able to sell or buy properties without too much trouble. It’s best to know whether or not you’re getting a good deal. All too often do people pay too much or charge too little for their properties.

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Property furnishing an update post

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Property furnishing an update post

So not too long ago I did an update post on the most gorgeous apartment I have ever laid my eyes on (if you haven’t seen it you can check out the post here;

The apartment is owned by an incredible kiwi entrepreneur names; Sam Ovens, anyways I thought I would do a someone relevant update to that post by examining the Auckland apartment/housing market.

I have recently been in talks with the wonderful Vanessa Mowlem and she has been helping me understand just how exactly the Auckland property market is working in 2016.

She explained to me that with so many houses in the central city being sought after, the expensive price of properties is no longer just held down to Auckland central. Families are willing to sacrifice the long commute to Auckland in the morning by getting cheaper house prices in the outer suburbs and cities of Auckland (think Pukekohe and the likes).

Whilst this seems like a good idea in theory, the problem is that the demand for properties in these outer suburbs is only going to rise further and further, and eventually the price of a house in Ponsonby will be the same price as a property on the outskirts of Auckland.

Vanessa Mowlem has seen this change happen within the last few months and is urging buyers to quickly make a decision on what area of Auckland they would like to move in, as waiting even one week and double the price of a house that’s being sold due to demand!

Anyways thought that was an interesting insight that some of the readers of the blog may find useful.

Until next time 🙂

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